Photo: Hans Wretling
Photo: Hans Wretling

The third and final announcement about this year’s artists

The third and final announcement about this year’s artists

Photo: Hans Wretling

So far we’ve had quite an international focus on the artists that we have announced, but now it’s time to focus on some of the excellent local ensembles and projects that we’re presenting as part of GAS 2018.

Göteborg Sounds [SE]
The idea is simple enough: we gather lots of organizers under one roof and let them present what they think is the most interesting music right now. This time around, we give you four different musical constellations, ranging from contemporary ensemble music, noise, free improvisations and wind music, all of it housed in Kronhuset, a beautiful building hailing from the 17th century. In addition to ourselves, the program for the evening is presented by Göteborg Wind Orchestra, Geiger and Brötz. Göteborg Sounds takes place at Kronhuset, September 29th at 17.00-23.30.

Göteborg Wind Orchestra [SE]
Göteborg Wind Orchestra is recognized as one of the most foremost wind ensembles in the world. During Göteborg Sounds, they have opened up Kronhuset to house the event, and they will also do two performances. Göteborg Wind Orchestra is part of Göteborg Sounds at Kronhuset, Saturday September 29th at 17.00 and 19.30.

GGR Betong [SE]
GGR Betong is something as rare as a pure noise ensemble. During this year’s festival they will present works by amongst others noise titan Lasse Marhaug. Loud, abrasive and beautiful. Not for the faint-hearted. GGR Betong is part of Göteborg Sounds at Kronhuset, Saturday September 29th at 22.00.

Jonny Wartel 4tet [SE]
Music that is totally free of constraints. Rooted in the jazz tradition, the music of Jonny Wartel 4tet takes the listener into uncharted territories, proving that music can be a truly mind-bending experience. Jonny Wartel 4tet is part of Göteborg Sounds at Kronhuset, Saturday September 29th at 20.45.

Gageego! [SE]
Contemporary ensemble Gageego! is appreciated for their ability to interpret todays music in a highly artistic, yet refreshing way. For this concert they take spectral music into a new era of explorative music. Gageego! performs at Stenhammarsalen, Sunday September 30th at 18.00.

Mimitabu [SE]
Contemporary ensemble Mimitabu presents a program of music for ensemble and four channel tape, hexagon screws, square neck screws and hanger bolts, electro-mechanical devices and major sound fetishes in pop-music. Mimitabu will perform at Atalante, Wednesday October 3rd at 18.00.

A Shrinking Emptiness [SE]
Contemporary music, readings, images, text fragments. A Shrinking Emptiness is as much concert as it is an installation and a lecture. An audiovisual landscape, a temporary room that the listener is welcomed into. A Shrinking Emptiness is presented at Atalante, Tuesday October 2nd at 19.00.

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