Göteborg Art Sounds 2018

The 2018 edition of the festival was about presenting art that could problematize and make us question the world around us. Art that refuses to give simple answers.

The festival took place over the span of two weekends, from September 28th to October 6th, hosting concerts and events at venues like Göteborgs Konserthus, Nefertiti, Kronhuset, 3:e Våningen, Atalante, Brötz and Konstepidemin.

In order to address issues regarding the role of art in a rapidly changing world – and as a way of changing the way we program and what the festival is and can be – for the 2018 edition of the festival we collaborated with four international guest curators, who helped shape the festival program. The curators were Anna Berit Asp Christensen from the SPOR Festival in Denmark, Joost Fonteyne, artistic director of the festival Wilde Westen in Belgium, Lauren Pratt from Redcat in Los Angeles, USA and Peter Burton, artistic director for the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival in Montreal, Canada.

Participating artists

A Shrinking Emptiness [SE] | Anja Lauvdal / Heida Karine Johannesdottir / Signe Emmeluth [NO/DK] | Bjørn Marius Hegge Trio [NO/SE] | Carl Michael von Hausswolff [SE] | Dog Star Orchestra [US] | Gageego! [SE] | GAS TALKS – The role of art in a rapidly changing world feat. Joost Fonteyne, Peter Burton, Du Yun & Staffan Mossenmark [BE/CA/CN/SE] | GAS TALKS – The festival as a means of resistance and openness feat. Du Yun, Jennifer Walshe, Anna Berit Asp Christensen, Joost Fonteyne & Peter Burton [CN/IE/DK/BE/CA] | GGR Betong [SE] | Göteborg Wind Orchestra [SE] | Horse Lords [US] | Jean D.L. & Karen Willems [BE] | Jennifer Walshe [IE] | Jonny Wartel 4tet [SE] | Jonsson/Ring/Nyberg
[SE/NO] | Kobe Van Cauwenberghe [BE] | Mimitabu [SE] | mir8 feat. Simon James Phillips & Tony Buck [AT/GB/AU] | Rakel Nystabakk & Eirik Ask remixing Göteborgs Symfoniker [NO/SE] | SCENATET – Concert Walk [DK] | Siwan [NO/FR/TR/IR/GB/SE] | Three Trapped Tigers [GB]

General Information

Festival Organization

Staffan Mossenmark | Artistic Director
Staffan Svensson | Project Manager
Anna Berit Asp Christensen | Guest Curator
Peter Burton | Guest Curator
Joost Fonteyne | Guest Curator
Lauren Pratt | Guest Curator
Producentbyrån | Communications and Marketing
Fredric Bergström | Web Manager, Nippon Pippon

Financial Aid

Göteborgs Stad
Västra Götalandsregionen
Stiftelsen Wilhelm och Martina Lundgrens Understödsfond
Kultur i Väst
Folkuniversitetet Göteborg


Askim-Frölunda-Högsbos Kulturskola
Göteborgs Symfoniker
Göteborg Wind Orchestra
Knutpunkt Nefertiti
3:e Våningen