Göteborg Art Sounds 2011

The seventh edition of the GAS Festival was held between May 7-8th 2011 and hosted regular concerts, DJ’s and a massive ensemble concert. The title for this edition was GAS FEST 2011.

Göteborg Art Sounds presented a unique ensemble concert where both domestic and international musicians and sound artists created a musical relay where unexpected constellations appeared only to change, dissolve and appear in a completely new form. Sort of like a mixtape you can only listen to once. Conducted by Staffan Mossenmark and Dag Rosenqvist, the thirteen musicians created a collective sound piece where percussion, trumpet, electronics, electric guitar, violin, voice, hurdy gurdy, sounds, noises and silence all played equal parts. In compliance with the party theme, Saturday May 7th ended with the massive CLUB GAS that boasted one DJ and one live set. On Sunday the 8th some of the artists who participated in the ensemble concert were invited to play more regular shows and in addition to this a couple of students from the Individual BA Programme in Music at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg was invited to play as well. Thus enabling established and up-and-coming musicians and artists to meet in an informal setting. There were two main venues: Pustervik Lagerhuset on Saturday May 7th and House of Win-Win on Sunday May 8th. Musically the festival hosted improv, pop, noise, ambient, electronica, performance, drone and contemporary classical. With the exception of CLUB GAS, the entire festival was free of charge.

Participating artists

Andrea Belfi [IT] | Anne Pajunen [SE] | Dimitrios K [SE] | Dungeon Acid [SE] | Fredric Bergström [SE] | George Kentros [SE] | Igor Lintz-Maués [BR/AT] | Jan Bang [NO] | Jonas Larsson [SE] | Lisbeth Diers [DK] | Machinefabriek [NL] | Matthias Andersson [SE] | Mattias Petersson [SE] | NICE MOMENT [SE] | Nina de Heney [SE] | Petter Ottosson [SE] | Rugged Wilderness & Mountain Man No More [NO] | Staffan Svensson [SE]

General Information

Festival Organization

Staffan Mossenmark | Artistic Director, Staffan Svensson | Chief Financial Officer/Artistic Advisory, Malin Enberg | Project Manager, Dag Rosenqvist | Communications Officer/Web Editor/Artistic Advisory/Coordinator, Helena Persson | Producer/Visual Design, Daniel Bothén | Producer, Göran ”Guran” Blomgren/AV1 | Technical Coordination, Janne Svanberg/AV1 | Chief Sound Engineer, Petter Ottosson | Graphic Design, Fredric Bergström | Web Production

Göteborg Art Sounds Board

Staffan Mossenmark | Composer and Sound Artist, Staffan Svensson | Musician, Anders Hultqvist | Composer, Ole Lützow-Holm | Composer

Financial Aid

Göteborgs Stad Kulturnämnd, Statens Kulturråd


Göteborg Artist Center, Producentbyrån Göteborg, Pustervik Lagerhuset, Folkuniversitetet