Göteborg Art Sounds 1999

The first edition of the GAS-Festival was held between October 1-10 1999 and hosted regular concerts, seminars, installations, a chamber opera and panel debates.

The reason for initiating the festival in the first place was an ambition to inspire and to open up the ways in which we talk about and view artistic expressions within music. By risking the common notion regarding how things should be, the festival opened up for new meetings and boundary breaking collaborations. Thus showing what music could be.

Participating artists

Anders Jormin [SE] | Anouar Brahem [TN] | B. Tommy Andersson [SE] | Bang On A Can Allstars [US] | Carl Michael von Hausswolff [SE] | Complexity and Sound [SE] | Dan Laurin [SE] | DJ Spooky [US] | Ed Spanjaard [NL] | Einar Nielsen [SE] | Gageego! [SE] | Girl Power [SE] | Gothenburg Percussion Group [SE] | Göteborgs Evenemangsorkester [SE] | Göteborgs Symfoniker [SE] | Jörgen Svensson [SE] | KammarensembleN [SE] | Khmer [NO] | Maria Gustafsson [SE] | Mari Kimura [JP] | Masih Madani [IR] | Mats Lindström [SE] | MIELI-ensemblen [SE] | MODEnsemblen [SE] | Monica Danielsson [SE] | Musikhögskolans Symfoniorkester Göteborg [SE] | Nieuw Ensemble [NL] | Niklas Rydén [SE] | Ole Lützow-Holm [SE] | Roberto Morales-Manzanares [MX] | Shi Ke-Long [CN] | Staffan Larsson [SE] | Staffan Mossenmark [SE] | Surge [SE] | Trio Escort [SE] | VOCEM electric voice theatre [GB] | Ya Dong [CN] | 8tunnel2 [SE]

General Information

Program Committee

Staffan Albinsson | Centrum för Ny Musik/Musik i Väst, Sture Carlsson | Göteborgs Konserthus, Ingemar Henningsson | Musikhögskolan i Göteborg, Ole Lützow-Holm | Composer, Anders Hultqvist | Composer, Kjell Ingebretsen | Göteborgs Operan, Staffan Mossenmark | Composer and Sound Artist, Åke Parmerud | Composer, Staffan Svensson | Musician, Nils Wiklander | Nefertiti, Fredrik Österling | ECIM/Musik i Väst

Festival Organization

Anders Hultqvist | Festival Director, Nina Nordström | Graphic Design, Fabijan Productions | Web Design, Bo Ejeby | Editor

Financial Aid

Framtidens Kultur, Västra Götalandsregionen, Göteborgs Stad, Göteborgs Energi AB


Centrum för Ny Musik, Musikhögskolan vid Göteborgs Universitet, Nefertiti, Levande Musik, Göteborgs Operan, Musik i Väst, Göteborgs Stadsteater, Göteborgs Konserthus