Göteborg Art Sounds 2015

The theme for the 2015 GAS Festival was the meeting between the “invisible” music, created and sounding through speaker membranes and circuit boards and the physically present and acoustic sounding instrument.

With this the festival wished to address the need for physical presence and spatiality and how this is often vital in order to achieve a truly moving interpretation and for the audience to obtain a sense of connection in the meeting with other people. The theme revolved around music in the physical room, around the actual physical experience and about sharing this experience with other human beings. The festival consisted of a series of concerts with duos, solo performances and video art installations.

The festival was held at Atalante in Gothenburg on October 15 and in Trollhättan on October 16-17. Musically the festival hosted three world premieres, electro acoustic sound scapes, installations, improvised music, drone, contemporary music and more.

Participating artists

Aleksander Gabrys [PL] | Daniel Buess [CH] | Francois Sarhan [FR] | Fredric Bergström [SE] | Jennifer Torrence [US] | Markus Mehr & Stefanie Sixt [DE] | Sören Hermansson [SE] | Thomas Gustafsson & Elisabeth Engdahl [SE] | Tommy Carlsson [SE] | Toms Aunins [LV]

General Information

Festival Organization

Staffan Mossenmark | Artistic Director, Staffan Svensson | Chief Financial Officer/Artistic Advisor, Producentbyrån | Communications and Web

Göteborg Art Sounds Board

Staffan Mossenmark | Composer and Sound Artist, Staffan Svensson | Musician, Anders Hultqvist | Composer, Christina Molander | Communication and Organization strategist

Financial Aid

Statens Kulturråd, Västra Götalandsregionen, Göteborgs Stad, Trollhättans kommun, Polska Institutet, Wilhelm och Martina Lundgrens understödsfond, Trollhättans kyrka


Göteborg Artist Center (GAC), Atalante, Trollhättan Stad, Konsthallen Trollhättan, SONORA