Göteborg Art Sounds 2013

The ninth edition of the festival went by the name GAS FEST 2013 and was held at Nefertiti Jazz Club and at 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg on September 27th-28th, 2013

In 1999, when the festival started, it was always held during fall, towards the end of September or beginning of October.When we were planning for the 2010 edition, we wanted to try something different and host it during spring instead. It was fun and all, but it wasn’t really “our season” so to say. So as of 2013 we moved back to the murk and gloom that is autumn, where the festival belong. In spite of GAS FEST 2013 being a compressed version of the festival, the main focus, remaining at the core of the festival, is still to present a broad palette of relatively narrow artistic expressions. To be able to present modern chamber music, noise improvisations, author readings and text/beat minimalism on the same stage, during the same evening, is what Göteborg Art Sounds is really all about. In addition to the music, readings and performance presented at Nefertiti we also presented a dance performance followed by a concert at the dance, music and art venue 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg.

Göteborg Art Sounds will never be a festival “for everyone”, and that’s not really the ambition either. It’s about presenting artistic expressions that are unafraid to challenge common notions. It’s about presenting music and art that chafe, that are imposing and at times difficult. It’s about asking questions without waiting around for answers. Our ambition is to present alternatives to the alternatives and to broaden the view on what music is and can be.

Participating artists

Denseland [DE/US] | Eva Reiter [AT] | Maja S. K. Ratkje & Lasse Marhaug [NO] | Michele Collins [SE] | Olof Persson Projects [SE] | Pavel Zajíček [CZ] | Svetlana Cârstean [RO]

General Information

Festival Organization

Staffan Mossenmark | Artistic Director, Staffan Svensson | Chief Financial Officer/Artistic Advisor, Malin Enberg | Project Manager, Dag Rosenqvist | Communications and Web Officer/Graphic Design, Julia Sjönneby | Coordination and Press Communications, Daniel Bothén | Producer, Olof Melander Lange | Visual Design, Polina Ulianova | Documentation

Göteborg Art Sounds Board

Staffan Mossenmark | Composer and Sound Artist, Staffan Svensson | Musician
Anders Hultqvist | Composer, Christina Molander | Communication and Organization strategist

Program Committee

Lisa Nordström | Musician and Sound artist, Johan Svensson | Composer and musician, Dag Rosenqvist | Composer and musician, Staffan Svensson | Musician and Sound Artist, Staffan Mossenmark | Composer and Sound Artist

Financial Aid

Göteborgs Stad, Västra Götalandsregionen, Statens Kulturråd, Konstnärsnämnden, Kultur i Väst, Helge Ax:son Johnsons fond, Wilhelm och Martina Lundgrens fond, Folkuniversitetet


Göteborg Artist Center, Producentbyrån, Bokmässan, Rámus, 3:e Våningen, Göteborg Dans & Teater Festival, Glänta