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Here you will find who does what in the festival organisation. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Göteborg Art Sounds is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.



Staffan Mossenmark

Swedish composer and sound artist Staffan Mossenmark is an often hired lecturer and leader of workshops at art, architect and design schools both in Sweden and internationally. A big part of his artistry and composing is the interest of our everyday sounds. By composing with sounds that you can easily recognize, he has managed to reach out to a general audience, outside the traditional music and culture audience. Staffan is also full professor at the Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg University, Sweden. He has been the Artistic Director for the festival since 2009.



Staffan Svensson

Staffan Svensson, trumpet player and composer. Born 1963 in Falkenberg and living in Göteborg. Since last three decades frequently seen at the Scandinavian and the European stages for jazz and improvised music. In acoustic aswell as in electro-acoustic groups and also in interaction with contemporary classical music, choir music and modern dance.

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