Here you will find who does what in the festival organization. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Göteborg Art Sounds is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Stefan Klaverdal is a composer and sound artist working primarily with context. Mostly either the surroundings or other people are at the center of his work, and therefore he frequently seeks out collaborative environments. Music by Klaverdal range from electronics to vocal, and due to his interest in contextual work his output include five operas and several pieces for dance or theater. Examples of his work are a walking concert at IKEA, music for meditating audience, and two operas about weaving. The music is frequently performed and has won several prizes, such as the IMEB in Bourges. In 2012 he received the Prince Eugen Cultural Prize from the Swedish and Norwegian states for his interdisciplinary and innovative work.




Clara de Asís is a composer and producer working at the intersection of contemporary experimental and electronic music. She has released multiple albums on cutting-edge labels and has performed extensively across Europe, the United States and South America in alliance with other artists, ensembles and prominent organizations. As a curator, she co-founded and runs the publishing house Discreet Editions, organizing concerts and discographic outcomes throughout different locations in Europe; and has programmed avant-garde music events in a variety of forms and spaces.

Emma Axberg, Producer for EME & Fenoba -22
Emma Axberg, Producer for EME & Fenoba -22


Emma Axberg

Emma Axberg is a project manager and producer, with a special interest in cross-artistic and international cultural projects. She is an actress who loves to explore different expressions of improvised performance art and the founder of the improvisation constellation Kontakt Scenkonst. She also reads performance poetry, teaches workshops in creative writing and is the chairperson of the organisation Göteborgs Poetry Slam. She has engaged in different constellations as playwright, director and actor and is always curious about new creative projects and collaborations.



Staffan Svensson

Staffan Svensson, trumpet player and composer. Born 1963 in Falkenberg and currently living in Göteborg. Over the last three decades he has established himself as a versatile musician at the Scandinavian and European stages for jazz and improvised music. He works with purely acoustic as well as in electro-acoustic groups and also in the interaction between contemporary classical music, choir music and contemporary dance. He is one of the founders of the music resource company Göteborg Artist Center as well as the rehersal space complex Bunkern in Gothenburg.



Dag Rosenqvist - Producentbyrån

Dag Rosenqvist has been working with communication, audience projects and graphic design for the GAS-festival since 2010. Dag is also a composer and musician who has released a large number of albums over the last 15 years, as well as created music for film and dance pieces. He is one of two co-owners of Gothenburg based producer’s agency Producentbyrån founded in 2008. Producentbyrån is a team of producers and project managers working with various artists, companies, festivals, conferences and projects in performing arts in Sweden and internationally.

Producentbyrån Göteborg