Christina Molander has passed away

Christina Molander has passed away

Christina was for a period part of the Göteborg Art Sounds board.
Earlier this week, the tragic news of her passing reached us. This is a great loss for all of us who believe in art as an independent and vital force and whose organizations are part of a bigger international network, where interdisciplinary collaborations between cultural agents and artists is essential.

Christina is already deeply missed, but her energy, her drive and her passion for art will live on.

Staffan Mossenmark
Staffan Svensson

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Staffan Mossenmark – Artistic Director

Swedish composer and sound artist Staffan Mossenmark is an often hired lecturer and leader of workshops at art, architect and design schools both in Sweden and internationally. A big part of his artistry and composing is the interest of our everyday sounds. By composing with sounds that you can easily recognize, he has managed to reach out to a general audience, outside the traditional music and culture audience. Staffan also teaches in soundart by the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg. Ha has been the Artistic Director for the festival since 2009.