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Göteborg Art Sounds 2020

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-23

The 2020 edition was about bridging the gaps between the physical and the digital, hosting both live concerts as well as online concerts.

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GAS 2020

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-20

The 2020 edition of the GAS festival is over. From October 10th-17th we have presented artists and ensembles from USA, Australia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Canada and Sweden. Exclusive live concerts, live…

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The final concerts of GAS 2020!

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-17

We have reached the two final concerts of this great and also very different festival. And we still have some more sonic weirdness to offer you! Imagine three contemporary ensembles, spread out…

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Diamanda La Berge Dramm and Maria W Horn

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-15

Drones, violin, singing glass, voice and amplified room reverb. These are some of the elements of Friday’s online concerts. Contemporary violinist and overall amazing artist Diamanda La Berge Dramm brings to mind…

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Additional live stream!

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-14

We are very happy to be able to add Rising Stars, the collaboration between Göteborg Wind Orchesstra and singer/composer Lena Willemark, to this year’s online program. The concert, which features no less…

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In the sofa with Lena Willemark and Anders Hagberg

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-13

On Wednesday and Thursday October 14-15 we present two very special live concerts. On Wednesday, Gothenburg based flautist Anders Hagberg present the project Spaces where he gather twelve musicians for a unique…

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Online program 2020

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-08

This year’s festival is different in many ways, where parts of the festival will take place on digital platforms. The online program presents artists in spaces that are, as always, meticulously chosen.…

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Andreas Lindahl, Photo: Anna Hult

Andreas Lindahl – our guide through the festival

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-07

During this rather special edition of the festival, where the majority of the participating artists are spread out across the world, we wanted to make sure that our audience feel well taken…

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GAS 2020 – Opening!

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-10-03

Welcome to an evening of exploratory music at Högskolan för Scen och Musik, Sunday October 11th 2020. During the evening we will present one live concert, two pre-recorded concerts from Canada and…

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The final artists announced

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-09-30

The line-up for this year’s festival is now complete! Musically just as disparate as we want it to be, the artists’ expressions move from solo violin and voice explorations, to a drone performance captured at an old mine building and a collaboration around brand new orchestral works. Some of it performed live, some as pre-recorded stream-only performances.

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