The 2022 grand opening concert

The 2022 grand opening concert

This Saturday, October 15th marks the official opening of the 2022 edition of Göteborg Art Sounds! The opening concert consists of French bagpipe ensemble Sonneurs with instruments from the Breton pipe tradition, and Hampus Lindwall, organ.

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, where the collective has been put on hold and where distance has become the new normal, the importance of the actual physical encounter with art becomes even more urgent. GAS 2022 wishes to be a manifestation for freedom as an idea, and where sounding art, free speech and people’s need to act through artistic expressions are the core perspectives. A place where the individual and the collective are given space to think, feel and experience freely and together. And we hope you want to join us during the festival.

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The grand opening concert is presented in collaboration with Göteborg International Organ Festival.

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