Myriam Boucher (CA)

Myriam Boucher (CA)

GAS TV SHORT: Concert with Myriam Boucher (CA) from Skeppet on October 22, 2022. Filmed by Magnus Bergström and Josefin Stacy, edited by Magnus Bergström.

About The Tuning of the Fields

For the 2022 edition of Göteborg Art Sounds, Montreal Myriam Boucher presented the work The Tuning of the Fields. The Tuning of the Fields tends to evoke those moments of solitude and wonder, and that feeling of suspended time that inhabits us when listening to the song of the crickets, eyes closed, at night, lying in a field.

About Myriam Boucher (CA)
Myriam Boucher is a video and sound artist based in Montreal, Canada. Her sensitive and polymorphic work concerns the intimate dialogue between music, sound and image, through visual music, audiovisual performance, Vj-ing and immersive projects. Fascinated by the natural environment, she creates audiovisual compositions from the landscape and the relationship that the human maintains with it.


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Emma Axberg is a project manager and producer, with a special interest in cross-artistic and international cultural projects. She loves to explore different expressions of improvised performance art and has engaged in a number of constellations as playwright, director and actor. She is working as producer and communicator for GAS-festival.