Ticket Information – Experimental Music Expo

Experimental Music Expo is a concept within the GAS-festival where 14 showcases of new and unique international artists are happening from 18-20 October. Each concert is 40 minutes long, and the 4 venues are all near each other, with the idea that it will be easy to visit as many showcases as you like. Please see below how to buy tickets for the different showcases. Please note that both of the concerts on October 18th are free of charge.

Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater 

The concert at Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater is free of charge.
The venue has 40 seats and the doors will open 30 minutes before the event “Silvia Rosani & Esther Saladin [IT/CH]“. Then there will be non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic drinks to purchase before the event starts.

Gathenhielmska huset

The concerts at Gathenhielmska huset are free of charge.
The venue has 25 seats and doors open 15 minutes before the concert. 

Oceanen and Skeppet GBG

Tickets for concerts at Oceanen and Skeppet can be bought at both venues. You can buy tickets at the door, or via their respective websites. Door opens at 18:30. At Oceanen you can buy tickets with a credit card. At Skeppet you can buy tickets with credit card and Swish. Please note that neither venue accepts cash!

The tickets sold at Oceanen and Skeppet are either 1-one day tickets or 2-day tickets. If you buy a ticket for a concert on the 19th, it’s valid for all the EME-concerts during that day. Same goes for the 20th. If you buy a 2-day ticket you can attend all the concerts. Tickets can be found here.

Ticket prices

1-day ticket

140 SEK Adult  

80 SEK Student/Senior/Unemployed

2-day ticket

240 SEK Adult 

140 SEK Student/Senior/Unemployed