Baltic Music Days + GAS 2021

Welcome to our 2021 live-streamed Baltic collaboration!

On three separate occasions we will present three exciting contemporary ensembles from the Baltics. Ensemble U: is the most active and renowned contemporary music ensemble in Estonia today. Ensemble Synaesthesis consists of Lithuanian musicians of the younger generation presenting works by experimental composers. And finally, Quadra Piano Quartet, who is one of the fastest rising professional ensembles in Latvia.

The three ensembles will present works by both up-and-coming as well as established contemporary Baltic composers, many of whom are hopefully new to our Swedish audience. With these concerts we hope to shed some light on today’s exciting Baltic contemporary music scene.

The ensembles were initially meant to be part of the Fenoba Conference slated for the 2020 edition of the GAS Festival. But due to the ongoing situation with travel bans and severe restrictions regarding audience capacity, it was just not possible to present them or the conference in Gothenburg at that point. Therefor we are extremely happy to now be able to live stream these concerts by three of the most interesting ensembles in the Baltics today!

In connection to the Baltic Music Days, the Nordic/Baltic festival network Fenoba has also been invited to present the aim and activities of the network during a meeting on May 1st. The Fenoba network was initiated by GAS in 2015 as a means of bridging the gap between a number of Nordic and Baltic festivals. The aim of the network is to arrange network meetings regarding artistic content, artist residence for musicians and composers, workshops in conjunction with residencies, joint productions, commissions and development as well as exchange of productions.

18:00 CET | 19.00 EET

Ensemble U is the most active and renowned contemporary music ensemble in Estonia. The collective boasts a sensitive sound, willingness to experiment with bold new ideas and the ability to perform even the most demanding repertoire without a conductor.

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18:00 CET | 19.00 EET

Ensemble Synaesthesis consists of talented Lithuanian musicians of the younger generation with a mission to perform and introduce works by experimental and bold composers from Lithuania and other countries. This time, they presents the programme titled Baltic Sense.

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18:00 CET | 19.00 EET

The exceptionally talented piano quartet Quadra is one of the most rapidly rising music collectives in Latvia. The repertoire includes music from different eras, with special focus on the chamber music of contemporary composers.

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Estonian Music Days, a festival with 42 years of history, will bring together the first edition of Baltic Music Days 2021 which this year takes place online and is free for all! 

Every year the Estonian Music Days festival has a theme permeating its concerts. The focus of the 2021 festival is “DNA”, which seeks a dialogue between our biological genetics, cultural origins, musical thinking, and science.

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