Concerts in public space

Concerts in public space

Music is often relegated to enclosed buildings, building that come with their own connotations on how you’re supposed to experience the music that is being presented. But what happens when you move the concerts out of the concert halls and into more or less public spaces?

Danish ensemble SCENATET is currently exploring this very idea. The Concert Walk melts together a musical program with site-specific surroundings in an informal walk, and thereby creates a new, interesting and immediate encounter between the audience and the music – and a unique concert experience intertwining art, music, nature, urban environments and cultural heritage.

The SCENATET – Concert Walk takes place on Saturday October 6th, starting at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg. This specific Concert Walk is the 4th of its kind, further developing the concept and creating a tailored version for Göteborg Art Sounds and the city of Gothenburg.

Please note that the Concert Walk has a maximum capacity of 40 people and that you have to register in advance. Ticket price is 100/50 sek, there is a 2-tickets per person limit. The starting place for the Concert Walk is in front of Bergrummet at Konstepidemin.

Read more: https://gas-festival.com/event/scenatet-concert-walk
Book your ticket here: https://goo.gl/forms/skI7eqSsqBGtj3Vw1

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