Photo: Hans Wretling
Photo: Hans Wretling

Göteborg Sounds 2018

Göteborg Sounds 2018

Photo: Hans Wretling

To a large extent, Göteborg Art Sounds is an international festival. And we love being able to present interesting artists from all over the world. But we shouldn’t forget all the amazing music that is being created and presented in Gothenburg. Göteborg Sounds is our way of re-directing the spotlights, and showcase what’s actually happening in our own city.

The first edition of Göteborg Sounds was done in 2014 at the venue Pustervik where we took over the whole club stage for an evening full of sound art. In 2016 we hosted Göteborg Sounds at Stora Teatern, presenting concerts, performing art and lectures throughout the entire building during one full day.

Göteborg Sounds 2018 takes place at Kronhuset, the oldest profane building in Gothenburg, hailing from the 17th century. The evening involves four Gothenburg based organizations, including ourselves, presenting a vast array of contemporary music expressions, ranging from contemporary ensemble music, noise, free improvisations and wind music.

16.30 – Doors open
17.00 – Göteborg Wind Orchestra [SE] presents music by Ingvar Karkoff and Csaba Deak
18.00 – Göteborg Art Sounds presents Dog Star Orchestra [US]
19.30 – Göteborg Wind Orchestra [SE] presents music by Andrea Tarrodi and Hilding Rosenberg
20.45 – Brötz presents Jonny Wartel 4tet [SE]
22.00 – Geiger presents GGR Betong [SE]
23.30 – Doors close

Tickets are a mere 100 sek and can be bought here:

Read more about the event here:

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