Götaplatsen 8, 412 56, Göteborg, Västra götaland, Sweden, 031-726 53 00

A house with music in the center

A building open for all, with music at its centre, was the starting point for the architect Nils Einar Eriksson when he drew the plans for the Gothenburg Concert Hall. With its stylistically pure functionalism and its beautiful natural materials, the architecture was ground-breaking when the building was inaugurated in 1935.

Concerts are performed in the Stora Salen concert room, a magnificent hall that is world-renowned for its excellent acoustics, and in the more intimate Stenhammarsalen concert room, which is gracefully decorated with elegant inlays. The building also has many artistic treasures to gaze upon. Sven X:et Erixson, Britt-Marie Jern and Nils Wedel are some of the artists behind the works.

The restaurant has a varied menu with high-quality food that has a local connection and is good value for money. As far as possible, the ingredients used are locally produced and organic.