Vasa Kyrkoplan 5, 41127, Göteborg, Sweden, 031-731 61 30

Vasa parish has throughout its history had a clear focus on traditional forms of worship. The gates of the church are open daily for prayer and praise. The High Mass is celebrated on Sundays and other Holy Days at 11 am. There are also services of prayer and contemplation on Mondays to Fridays at noon.

The Mass is celebrated in the Lady Chapel on the south side on Sunday at 6 pm, Tuesday at 8 am, and Wednesday at 12 noon. On Thursday the Mass is celebrated at 6 pm in the Church’s chapel in the crypt.

At the Narthex below the organ balcony there are candle holders, prayer boxes, and book tables, as well as a place for church coffee and meeting. Many who come to Vasa Church seek the stillness of the room of worship even outside of services.

By the side of the church is the Parish Home with rooms for congregational activities and administration. Choir singing, bible studies, baby hymn singing, confirmation classes, soup lunches, baptism receptions, lectures, and open preschool fill the house with vibrant activity.