Örgryte nya kyrka

Lennart Svegelius V 10, 41374, Göteborg, Sweden

The 1880s were a dramatic decade. Industrialism broke out and with it the great migration from the countryside to the city. Örgryte parish grew dramatically and the old church with its barely 250 seats became too small. A new church was planned and on 6 July 1890 Örgryte’s new church was inaugurated by Bishop Edvard Rodhe. The congregation got a new large, beautiful church in neo-Gothic style to manage and care for.

Three major changes to the interior of the church have taken place since then. In the funk style of the 1930s, the walls and ceiling were painted smooth and they also chose to paint the choir pink. The 1970s renovation went more in blue. In connection with the rebuilding of the North German Baroque organ in the late 1990s, traces of paint from the original painting were found and great effort was then put into restoring the church’s original appearance.