Stigbergstorget 8, 41463, Göteborg, Sweden

The cultural Center Oceanen has since 1995 been a landlord for some sixty culture-producing tenants with a great cultural value for the city of Gothenburg. The house is owned by a non-profit association and managed by its board.

“A creative center on Stigbergstorget – across the street from the record store Bengans. A place that provides space for cultural expressions of all kinds and one of the city’s best concert venues for smaller acts. Here you will be able to experience tomorrow’s big stars in a room that is raging at the same time. and now. “- Way Out West, 2019

As an association-driven cultural center, the Ocean has a creative position generated in a professional cultural scene with a genre-wide program of high artistic quality. During 2014 – 2017, Kulturhuset Oceanen has invested heavily in developing the stage business with an increased international presence, thereby strengthening its position as an alternative and independent music scene in Gothenburg and Sweden. Part of the stage activity is to promote the internationalization of Gothenburg’s cultural life through international and intercultural projects. Some are to highlight local and national artists and groups of different genres.

The Ocean works with innovative scenic concepts for bridging social and cultural distances, young people’s own creation and equality. Each year, about 100 public cultural events are presented on the Ocean scene, with about half of them collaborating with other cultural actors. Ocean works continuously with the organization internally in order to maintain and further develop a high quality stage operation.

The Cultural Center Oceanen’s operations are supported by the City of Gothenburg, the Swedish Arts Council, the ABF, the Nordic Culture Fund, Region Västra Götaland and individual project support.