Theme for GAS 2022

Theme for GAS 2022

Finally the time has come to share some news regarding the upcoming festival!

The 2022 edition of the festival takes place from October 15th-22nd and features sounding art from a wide variety of genres. Spread out on over ten venues in Gothenburg and the region, the festival is bigger in scope and features more than 30 concerts and talks.

The theme for this edition revolves around the festival as an important and permissive space where the audience can experience and think freely, but together. Musically this year’s festival moves between sounding silence to forceful sounding vibrations., where resistance and confrontation co-exist with thoughtful reflection. It will be a festival that moves from the church room’s solemnity to the smaller and sometimes untested venues. With our showcase initiative Experimental Music Expo the festival becomes a place where the young meet the established in the form of shorter and more intimate concerts, and where the meeting between sounding art, the audience and the space becomes central.

You can read more about the 2022 thematics right here!

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