The final concerts of GAS 2020!

The final concerts of GAS 2020!

We have reached the two final concerts of this great and also very different festival. And we still have some more sonic weirdness to offer you! Imagine three contemporary ensembles, spread out over USA, Australia and Sweden. Performing live together over the Internet. This is exactly what the project Telematic Performance will do. Following this, the festival closes with contemporary opera As One that chronicles a transgender person’s inner journey toward self-realization. What a perfect ending to the 2020 GAS Festival!

Saturday October 17
15:00 CEST
Live stream

Telematic Performance [US/AU/SE] features seven musicians from three contemporary music ensembles. Spread out over three continents the ensembles are performing together in real-time, premiering all new music. The concert is accompanied by an interview with composers Anders Lind and Cat Hope.

Watch it here:

Saturday October 17
18:00 CEST
Live concert

Gothenburg based opera group Utomjordiska [SE] presents the chamber opera As One, where two singers, a baritone and a mezzo-soprano, both portray the character Hannah. With humor and empathy, As One chronicles a transgender person’s inner journey toward self-realisation. The concert is presented live at Cinnober in Gothenburg. Maximum audience capacity is limited to 20 people.

Purchase tickets here:

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