The 2018 festival is since a few weeks over, and we can’t even begin to express the gratitude we feel! This year’s festival has been a massive success in so many ways.

Someone asked us what our personal highlights from this year’s festival were. But that’s impossible to answer. To us, the entire festival was one long highlight, full of extraordinary experiences. Rakel Nystabakk & Eirik Ask gave us a beautiful reinterpretation of Göteborgs Symfoniker’s performance of Bartók’s Music for strings percussion and celesta. Dog Star Orchestra’s strict but arresting minimalism and Jon Balke’s Siwan who gave us a totally unique experience.

This year’s edition of Göteborg Sounds where we collected Göteborg Wind Orchestra, Dog star Orchestra, Jonny Wartel 4tet and GGR Betong in the beautiful Kronhuset for an entire evening of adventurous music was overwhelming. Carl Michael von Hausswolff did a mind-bending set and contemporary ensemble Gageego! dove head first into spectral exploratory music.

The audiovisual landscape of A Shrinking Emptiness, the deconstructed and precise music of Mimitabu. Improvised music of the highest level with Jean D.L. & Karen Willems, who also brought students from Askim-Frölunda-Högsbos Kulturskola with them. The loose, yet very sharp improvisation of Anja Lauvdal / Heida Karine Johannesdottir / Signe Emmeluth and the controlled insanity that is Three Trapped Tigers. mir8’s extended drones, Kobe van Cauwenberghe’s phenomenal interpretations of Fripp and Eno, the beautiful outdoors experience of SCENATET – Concert Walk at Konstepidemin. The outstanding and funny performance from Jennifer Walshe and the full on exclamation mark of the Horse Lords concert, which ended the festival at Atalante. We couldn’t be happier with this year’s line-up!

Our beloved curators
In order to address issues regarding the role of art in a rapidly changing world – and as a way of changing the way we program and what the festival is and can be – for the 2018 edition of the festival we collaborated with four international guest curators, who helped shape the festival program. The curators were Anna Berit Asp Christensen from the SPOR Festival in Denmark, Joost Fonteyne, artistic director of the festival Wilde Westen in Belgium, Lauren Pratt from Redcat in Los Angeles, USA and Peter Burton, artistic director for the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival in Montreal, Canada. We owe also them all much thanks.

We would also like to extend a massive THANK YOU to you, the audience. Without you, there is no festival. The next edition of the GAS festival will take place in October 2020. See you then!

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Since 2011, Dag is one of three the co-owners of Gothenburg based production company Producentbyrån. Producentbyrån is a team of producers and project managers working with various artists, companies, festivals, conferences and projects in performing arts, both in Sweden and internationally. Dag has a background as a sound technician and also works as a composer and musician for separate works, film and performing arts productions. Dag works with the GAS-Festival’s communication and graphic design.