GAS 2020

First artists announced

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-09-10

This year’s edition of the festival will be a different one for sure. But just like always, artistically the festival will feature a wide variety of genres and artistic expressions, and we are very happy with how the program turned out!

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GAS 2020 – a different kind of festival

By Staffan Mossenmark / 2020-09-03

The 2020 GAS-Festival takes place. That in itself is perhaps quite remarkable, considering the state of the world these days. And we are incredibly happy to be able to present a festival…

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Christina Molander has passed away

By Staffan Mossenmark / 2020-08-27

Christina was for a period part of the Göteborg Art Sounds board.
Earlier this week, the tragic news of her passing reached us.

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The 2020 GAS-Festival

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-06-25

As some of you may have guessed by now, the 2020 edition of the festival will be different from previous years. But after much thought and long discussions within the working group and with our partners, we have decided to go ahead with the festival that’s set for October 10th-16th!

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New presentation forms in Contemporary Music

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-04-07

The re-thinking of the traditional presentation forms and our work with new/experimental presentations forms involves a very diverse field with many elements to consider – like how we work with audience segments, how we choose the spaces to present the artistic works in, how we communicate with the audience and the society, how we choose artists etc.

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Experimental Music Expo – Open Call!

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-03-12

During the 2020 edition of the GAS festival, we want to try a new way of working with the festival content. We are therefore launching the showcase concept EME – Experimental Music Expo, taking place October 16th-17th 2020!

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David Dacks

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2020-02-14

Nature is a construct. What in Canada is often termed “wilderness” is a concept rejected by Indigenous peoples. For millennia, rivers, lakes portages and trails enabled vast trading networks throughout North America. This is no wilderness; it is home.

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Our Curators!

By Dag Rosenqvist / 2019-12-05

For the 2020 edition of the GAS festival we are once again working with four international guest curators who will help us shape the festival. This edition’s curators are New York based artist and curator Du Yun, artistic director David Dacks, director and producer Cathie Boyd and artistic director Bert Palinckx.

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