Sonneurs & Hampus Lindwall (FR/SE)

Sonneurs & Hampus Lindwall (FR/SE)

Concert with Sonneurs & Hampus Lindwall (FR/SE) from Vasakyrkan in Gothenburg on October 15 2022. Filmed by Magnus Bergström and Josefin Stacy, edited by Magnus Bergström.

Sonneurs & Hampus Lindwall (FR/SE)

The French bagpipe ensemble Sonneurs featuring Mickaël Cozien, Erwan Hamon and Guénolé Keravec with instruments from the Breton pipe tradition, and Hampus Lindwall, organ, performed the opening concert for GAS-festival 2022

About Sonneurs
With Sonneurs, artistic director Erwan Keravec – a highland bagpiper, composer and improviser – wished to explore the possibility of extending his ambition beyond his own instrument. To achieve this, he has set up a piping quartet that brings together the four instruments of the Breton piping tradition. Instrument wise, the quartet is made up of the historic bombard, the biniou koz, the Scottish bagpipe, which has become Breton over the last century, and the trelombard, invented to act as a counterpoint to the bombard and bagpipe. With these culturally-marked instruments, this quartet is characterised by its raw sound, rich tone colour, continuous biniou and bagpipe resonance, condensed spectrum and – obviously – powerful sound.

About Hampus Lindwall
Hampus Lindwall is a musical artist active in many fields ranging from contemporary classical to experimental and electronic music. He is known as an organ performer of contemporary and 20th century music and as a creative improviser & composer. Born (1976) in Stockholm, Hampus Lindwall grew up playing the electric guitar in various rock, metal & jazz bands. He started playing keyboards in his late teens and studied the organ at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He gives concerts throughout Europe, in the U.S.A., Canada and China.

Featured works

0:00 – Sonneurs
“Walk on by” by Otomo Yoshide – Sonneurs trio with electronics

06:50 – Sonneurs – Mickaël Cozien
“L’accord ne m’use pas la nuit” by Bernard Cavanna – solo piece performed by Mickaël Cozien

12:01 – Hampus Lindwall
“Brace for Impact” by Hampus Lindwall (2020) – Organ with electronics

16:28 – Hampus Lindwall
“Neinternet” by Hanne Lippard (2019) – Organ with electronics

22:09 – Sonneurs
“Disobedience in BDS” by Dror Feiler – Sonneurs trio
Producer: Offshore*
Associate producers: Le gmem-CNCM-marseille, La Muse en Circuit, centre national de création musicale
With the support of: La Soufflerie, scène conventionnée de Rezé

26:49 – Sonneurs & Hampus Lindwall
“Tranquillité au-dessus du détroit de Keriç” by Fredric Bergström
Performed by Erwan Hamon (bombard), Guénolé Keravec (trelombard), Hampus Lindwall (organ) and Fredric Bergström (electronics)



The concert was performed in collaboration with Göteborg International Organ Festival.

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