Our Curators!

Our Curators!

For the 2020 edition of the GAS festival we are once again working with four international guest curators who will help us shape the festival.

This edition’s curators are:

New York based Du Yun is a China-born composer, performer, curator, and educator. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner, teaching at Peabody Institute and has founded a FutureTradition initiative working with folk musicians from around the world.

David Dacks is Artistic Director of Music Gallery in Toronto. He has previously worked for Exclaim Magazine, been a Grand Juror for the Polaris Prize in 2011 and teaches at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies.

Cathie Boyd is a director, producer and curator working across art forms like music, visual arts and film. She started Cryptic in 1994 and also started Glasgow’s Sonica Festival. Awards include European Woman of Achievement for the Arts.

Bert Palinckx started his music career in 1980 as a double bass player in jazz and improvisation. He is one of the founders of the club Paradox Tilburg and in 1999 he became Artistic Director of November Music in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

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Since 2011, Dag is one of three the co-owners of Gothenburg based production company Producentbyrån. Producentbyrån is a team of producers and project managers working with various artists, companies, festivals, conferences and projects in performing arts, both in Sweden and internationally. Dag has a background as a sound technician and also works as a composer and musician for separate works, film and performing arts productions. Dag works with the GAS-Festival’s communication and graphic design.