On curating: Joost Fonteyne

On curating: Joost Fonteyne

The international artistic curators for the 2022 edition of the festival are Glasgow based Cathie Boyd and Joost Fonteyne from Belgium. We wanted to share a bit more on why they chose the artists they did, so we simply asked them to briefly elaborate on the choices they’ve made. First up is Joost!

The ensemble form of the quartet is rooted deep into musical history. The Belgian ensemble Zwerm is a string inhabited by 4 electric guitars. Since their start in 2007 they have kept an open mind. The style of music has not been important, but rather the curiosity for the work of different Belgian and international musicians. In the piece In Our Ears Felt Like Canyons II they explore the music of Belgian composer Heleen Haeghenborgh and Stephen O’Malley, the latter from US power drone outfit Sunn O))). It combines the physical aspects of sound, combined with a specific listening environment and you get a great performance for the equally open minded Göteborg Art Sounds Festival.”

–Joost Fonteyne

Zwerm is presented at Skeppet GBG on Friday October 21 at 19:00.

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