In the sofa with Lena Willemark and Anders Hagberg

In the sofa with Lena Willemark and Anders Hagberg

On Wednesday and Thursday October 14-15 we present two very special live concerts. On Wednesday, Gothenburg based flautist Anders Hagberg present the project Spaces where he gather twelve musicians for a unique and one-of-a-kind concert, taking over the different rooms of Göteborgs Konstmuseum. On Thursday Göteborg Wind Orchestra and singer/musician Lena Willemark present the project Rising Stars that feature no less than seven (!) premieres by students from Högskolan för Scen och Musik in Gothenburg.

We sat down with Anders and Lena plus our Artistic Director Staffan Mossenmark to try to find out what the audience might expect from these to quite different concerts. Please note that the interviews are in Swedish only!

Spaces is an exclusive live concert and will not be streamed. The concert with Göteborg Wind Orchestra & Lena Willemark is a live concert, but it will be also live-streamed at the GAS YouTube channel.

About the concerts

Spaces [SE]
With the actual physical space as the starting point, Gothenburg based flautist Anders Hagberg gather twelve musicians for the project Spaces. Using the entire Gothenburg Museum of Art as their arena, allowing the different rooms to become active parts in this sonic landscape, Anders and fellow musicians will create a space filled with music and sounds.

This concert is presented live at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. Tickets cost 60 sek, and can be purchased at the museum reception. The concert is free of charge if you have an annual pass for the museum. Spaces is a collaboration with Högskolan för Scen och Musik and with Göteborgs Konstmuseum.

Anders Hagberg

Göteborg Wind Orchestra & Lena Willemark [SE]
In Rising Stars, Göteborg Wind Orchestra forms a platform for tomorrow’s rising musicians and composers from the academy of music, giving them an opportunity to both meet and challenge a professional orchestra. The concert also feature legendary folk and world musician and singer Lena Willemark and conductor Finn Rosengren.

This is a live concert presented at Kronhuset in Gothenburg. Audience capacity is limited to maximum 50 people. Tickets cost 50-150 sek and are available at:

Lena Willemark
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