Göteborg Art Sounds 2016 is over


Göteborg Art Sounds 2016 is over

Göteborg Art Sounds 2016 is over and we are extremely happy with this edition!

This was a festival of contrasts. From sound installations by the river to falling grand pianos at Göteborgas Konserthus. Obnoxious improv at Stora Teatern, a world premiere in Hagakyrkan, workshops at Atalante and at Högskolan för Scen och Musik. Sold out concerts by Göteborgs Symfoniker and the most beautiful noise from the German ensemble zeitkratzer. Ambient and seemingly unmoving sound worlds paired with the unexpected and the radiantly, sounds and melodies that was transformed into noise and silence.

We want to extend a massive THANK YOU to all our collaboration partners, venues, funding bodies, participating musicians and composers, technicians, producers and all of you who came to listen and experience this with us!

We’ll be seeing you around!

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Staffan Mossenmark – Artistic Director

Swedish composer and sound artist Staffan Mossenmark is an often hired lecturer and leader of workshops at art, architect and design schools both in Sweden and internationally. A big part of his artistry and composing is the interest of our everyday sounds. By composing with sounds that you can easily recognize, he has managed to reach out to a general audience, outside the traditional music and culture audience. Staffan also teaches in soundart by the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg. Ha has been the Artistic Director for the festival since 2009.