Göteborg Art Sounds 2022 - October 15th-22nd !

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, where the collective has been put on hold and where distance has become the new normal, the importance of the actual physical encounter with art becomes even more urgent. GAS 2022 wished to be a manifestation for freedom as an idea, and where sounding art, free speech and people’s need to act through artistic expressions are the core perspectives. A place where the individual and the collective are given space to think, feel and experience freely and together.

Musically this year’s festival moves between sounding silence to forceful sounding vibrations., where resistance and confrontation co-exist with thoughtful reflection. It will be a festival that moves from the church room’s solemnity to the smaller and sometimes untested venues. With our showcase initiative Experimental Music Expo the festival becomes a place where the young meet the established in the form of shorter and more intimate concerts, and where the meeting between sounding art, the audience and the space becomes central.

How can we develop and defend the festival’s significance and its place, where individuals and members of society are to be given space to think and feel together? It is about freedom of thought and the right to express oneself. Fundamental perspectives perhaps, but because of that so important to safeguard. Especially in a time where dark clouds gather and where neither territorial nor individual boundaries are respected.

Our wish is that the 2022 festival can create opportunities for new experiences. This year we want to highlight the interaction between live music and moving images, thereby affecting the perception of a space and its spatiality. We hope that the festival can be a place for interesting talks and encounters with our artists and become a manifestation for the festival as format and as an important and permissive space that will arouse both curiosity and new thoughts.

// Staffan Mossenmark
Artistic Director