Program 2020

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Saturday 10/10

Gageego! – Swedish Chamber Games [SE]

Welcome to the finale of the composition competition Swedish Chamber Games, where the music of the three winners is performed by the amazing contemporary music ensemble Gageego!

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Sunday 11/10

Reading Music [SE]

Contemporary music using the reading of a score and the understanding of music as the starting point. The trio of Lisa Ullén, Henrik Olsson and Johan Arrias invites us into a dense yet sparse soundworld of piano, percussion, saxophone, clarinet and electronics.

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Kathy Hinde – Twittering Machines [GB]

Kathy Hinde presents Twittering Machines where she uses morse code blips, music boxes and broken toy pianos to conjure up the impression of a huge flock of birds flying around the space.

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c_RL with Olivia Shortt [CA]

Canadian improv quartet exploring the sonic palette of trumpet, saxophone, percussion and electronics. Equal parts noise, skewed harmonies and minimalism.

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Wednesday 14/10

Spaces [SE]

With the actual physical space as the starting point, flautist Anders Hagberg gather twelve musicians for the project Spaces. Using the entire Gothenburg Museum of Art as their arena, allowing the different rooms to become active parts in this sonic landscape, Anders and fellow musicians will create a space filled with music and sounds.

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Thursday 15/10

Göteborg Wind Orchestra & Lena Willemark [SE]

In Rising Stars, Göteborg Wind Orchestra forms a platform for tomorrow’s rising musicians and composers from the academy of music, giving them an opportunity to both meet and challenge a professional orchestra. The concert also feature legendary folk and world musician and singer Lena Willemark and conductor Finn Rosengren.

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Friday 16/10

Diamanda La Berge Dramm [NL]

How multifaceted and theatrical can a solo violin concerto be? Very much so, as Diamanda Dramm proves with her dynamic, physical and visually overwhelming concerts. Dramm moulds her own folky songs, contemporary compositions and violin virtuosity into a seamless performance.

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Maria W Horn [SE]

Firmly rooted in the drone tradition, Swedish composer and musician Maria W Horn is far from traditional when it comes to her musical output. Oscillating between sonic extremes, her music is simultaneously dark and cathartic as well as bright, shimmering and hopeful.

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Saturday 17/10

Telematic Performance [US/AU/SE]

Imagine a concert where seven musicians from three distinguished contemporary music ensembles are spread out over three continents, in three different time zones. A concert that will be aired over the Internet in real time, live from USA, Australia and Sweden. Simultaneously. This is Telematic Performance, perhaps this year’s most ambitious project and one that will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Do. Not Miss. This.

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Utomjordiska – As One [SE]

Gothenburg based opera group Utomjordiska presents the chamber opera As One, where two singers, a baritone and a mezzo-soprano, both portray the character Hannah. With humor and empathy, As One chronicles a transgender person’s inner journey toward self-realization.

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