Göteborg Art Sounds 2020 - October 10th-17th !

How does a place sound?

The ears ability to perceive and interpret various spatialities creates both natural and artificial sounding landscapes. With GAS 2020 we wish to explore the significance of place in relation to listening and to the artistic experience. But it’s also about exploring the significance of place in relation to its social geography and questions concerning inclusion and exclusion.

At the same time, we want to create space for the personal meeting, where the audience gets up-close with the art and where the boundaries between inner and outer rooms dissolve. Here we open up for new touch points between the place, the artist and the listening audience, thereby creating a setting for art, talks and new meetings.

We believe in a listening that goes deeper and that create a broadened understanding about what sounds and music could mean to us as humans. In a conversation where we openly and with a curiosity can discuss what we encounter. With the 2020 edition of the festival we wish to present something that our audiences have to relate to, reflect upon and perhaps sometimes even question. New impressions that they can carry with them for a long time.

GAS has turned 20 years. The festival 2020 is about honoring what’s been by finding new ways forward. With the next edition we wish to present a new landscape and an interpretation of how we see the sounding musical landscape of today. It’s about unexpected places, new rooms and new contexts.

// Staffan Mossenmark
Artistic Director