GAS 2020 – Opening!

GAS 2020 – Opening!

Welcome to an evening of exploratory music at Högskolan för Scen och Musik, Sunday October 11th 2020. During the evening we will present one live concert, two pre-recorded concerts from Canada and the UK, plus live Q&A’s with all of the artists.

Kathy Hinde – Twittering Machines [GB]
Bristol based sound artist Kathy Hinde presents her piece Twittering Machines. Her work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light. In Twittering Machines she uses morse code blips, music boxes and broken toy pianos to conjure up the impression of a huge flock of birds flying around the space. The concert is a pre-recorded performance that will be streamed at the venue and online.

c_RL with Olivia Shortt [CA]
Toronto based improv trio c_RL are reinforced with saxophonist Olivia Shortt in exploring the sonic palette of trumpet, saxophone, percussion and electronics. Although mainly focused on improvisation, the also work with deconstructing and re-inventing the jazz standard repertoire. The concert is a pre-recorded performance that will be streamed at the venue and online.

Reading Music [SE]
Contemporary music using the reading of a score and the understanding of music as the starting point. The trio of Lisa Ullén, Henrik Olsson and Johan Arrias invites us into a dense yet sparse soundworld of piano, percussion, saxophone, clarinet and electronics. This concert is presented live.

In connection to the concerts there will also be live Q&A with the artists lead by Andreas Lindahl.


Please note that this concert has a maximum capacity of 40 people on site. Tickets are free of charge, but you have to register in advance to secure your seat.

Please fill in the form here to get your ticket!!

Should anything prevent you from attending the concert, please let us know as soon as you can so we can let someone else have your reservation.

Sunday October 11th, at 17.00 – 20.00

Högskolan för Scen och Musik
Fågelsången 1
412 56 Göteborg

+ YouTube LIVE Stream


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