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Telematic Performance [US/AU/SE]

2020-10-17 @ 15:00 - 16:00

GAS YouTube Channel

Telematic Performance [US/AU/SE]

2020-10-17 @ 15:00 - 16:00

GAS YouTube Channel

Imagine a concert where seven musicians from three distinguished contemporary music ensembles are spread out over three continents, in three different time zones. A concert that will be aired over the Internet in real time, live from USA, Australia and Sweden. Simultaneously. This is Telematic Performance, perhaps this year’s most ambitious project and one that will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Do. Not Miss. This.

A live-streamed concert with musicians from three chamber ensembles performing in real-time from USA, Australia and Sweden. The concert will include two world premiere performances of compositions written especially for this specific mixed ensemble constellation. The compositions will deal with artistic limitations and possibilities for telematic performance such as:

  • Timing perspectives due to latency up to 1 sec between performers.
  • New dimensions on dynamics due to concert platform.
  • Space acoustics as composition parameter when combining multiple rooms in one performance.

Telematic Performance is a collaboration between composers Anders Lind [SE], Cat Hope [AU] and musicians from the three ensembles Norrbotten Neo [SE], Mise-EN ensemble [US] and Decibel New Music Ensemble [AU]. The concert will be live-streamed over the Internet at 15:00 CET, Saturday October 17th.


Wanderlust (2018) by Cat Hope for 2 instruments and field recording
Live from Australia/Melbourne, Cat Hope: Bass flute, Louise Devenish: Percussion (Decibel New Music Ensemble)

Interference (2020) by Robert Ek for Clarinet and Electronics
Live from Europe/Sweden/Stockholm, Robert Ek: Clarinet (Norrbotten Neo)

mondo pronto (2019) by Moon Young Ha for trombone and electronics
Live from USA/New York, Mark Broschinsky: trombone (Ensemble Mise-en)

Embracing Distance (2020-world premiere) by Anders Lind for Clarinets (EU), Percussion (EU), Bass Flute (AU), Percussion (AU), Trombone (US), Piano (US)
Live Telematic Performance from Sweden, Australia and USA.

The Rupture Exists (2020-world premiere) by Cat Hope for Clarinets (EU), Percussion (EU), Bass Flute (AU), Percussion (AU), Trombone (US), Piano (US)
Live Telematic Performance from Sweden, Australia and USA.



Norrbotten NEO [SE]:
Robert Ek – clarinets
Daniel Saur – percussion

Decibel New Music Ensemble [AU]:
Cat Hope – bass flute
Louise Devenish – percussion

Ensemble mise-en [US]:
Yumi Suehiro – piano
Mark Broschinsky – trombone



Anders Lind [SE]
Cat Hope [AU]
Robert Ek [SE]
Moon Young Ha [US]

Technical advisor

Aaron Wyatt [AU]

About the composers

Anders Lind

Anders is a composer/sound artist, situated as artistic associate professor in music at the Department of Creative Studies at Umeå University, Sweden. Lind creates interactive pieces and installations and composes music for orchestras, choirs, ensembles and soloists, often in combination with the use of electronics. His work has been exhibited and performed all over the world. In his work Lind is exploring new performance practices within contemporary art music. More specifically, his work is situated within fields such as: animated music notation, interactive sound art and audience participation. In spring 2020 a short study in collaboration with chamber ensemble Norrbotten Neo resulted in the telematic performance of his composition Latency Music. This concert at GAS-festival is part of Linds ongoing research within telematic performance and will include a world premiere performance of a new composition.

Read more about Anders Lind: http://www.soundslikelind.se/


Cat Hope

Cat is an Australian composer and musician whose practice engages low frequency sound, drone, noise and improvisation. Her works have been performed at festivals internationally and broadcast on radio internationally. She is a Churchill and Civitella Ranieri Fellow, and has undertaken composition residencies at the Visby International Composers Centre, Sweden, and the Peggy Glanville Hicks House in Sydney. Her first monograph CD, Ephemeral Rivers’ on Swiss label Hat [now] ART has seen Hope been called “one of Australia’s most exciting and individual creative voices…a remarkable composer.” (Gramophone UK, 2017). She is the director of the new music ensemble Decibel, and her first opera premiered at the Perth Festival in 2019. Cat is Professor of music at Monash University, Melbourne.

Read more about Cat Hope: https://www.cathope.com


Robert EK

Robert has since 2000 been working in Swedish orchestras but also focusing on working with different chamber ensembles recording several CD:s and premiered a number of works from mostly Swedish composers. As a soloist he has performed with Nordic Chamber Orchestra among others and collaborated with pianists like Bengt-Åke Lundin, Laura Barger and Mårten Landström. Robert has also premiered solo pieces of Jesper Nordin and Ray Naessen.

Read more about Robert Ek: http://www.remusik.se


Moon Young Ha [US]

Moon Young HA has spent the past years working to redefine the new music scene in New York. As the founder and director of ensemble mise-en, Moon curates and conducts some of the most unexpected, perplexing, and prominent concerts of contemporary classical music in the city today. As a composer, Moon’s works are heard worldwide, commissioned by major ensembles and chamber orchestras, and featured in experimental collaborations with the musicians in New York-based ensemble mise-en.

Read more about Moon Young Ha: https://www.moon-music.org

About the ensembles

Norrbotten NEO [SE]
Norrbotten NEO started in January 2007. Since the start the aim has been to be the most contemporary and distinctive voice on the Swedish music scene. Today the ensemble is the only one of its kind in Sweden, being charged with promoting contemporary art music on a national basis. The word ‘Neo’ means simply ‘new’ and reflects both the music performed and the experience offered to audiences. The ensemble consists of seven musicians employed full-time and has the small town Piteå, in the north of Sweden, as its home base within the County Councils own music institution Norrbottensmusiken. Norrbotten NEO performs contemporary music at the highest international level, in a manner which is both exciting and which reaches out to newcomers as well as to experienced listeners. The ensemble has quickly become an essential force in Swedish music life, always stirring and challenging.
Read more: https://norrbottensmusiken.se/ensembler/norrbotten-neo/

Norrbotten NEO [SE]

Decibel New Music Ensemble [AU]
Decibel is new music ensemble focusing on the integration of acoustic and electronic instruments in chamber music performance, founded in Western Australia in 2009. They are world-leading interpreters of graphic notations and pioneers in digital score formats for composition and performance. This includes the ongoing development of their successful Decibel ScorePlayer App for iPad, enabling coordinated performance of graphic notations. Whilst rooted in western art music tradition, Decibel aims to remove stylistic boundaries in their commissioning and performance approaches.
Read more: https://www.decibelnewmusic.com/

Decibel New Music Ensemble [AU]

Ensemble mise-en [US]
Ensemble mise-en is a New York-based contemporary music collective led by composer Moon Young Ha. Comprised of talented young musicians, the ensembles personnel strive is to bring a repertoire of challenging new sounds to diverse audiences. The ensemble promotes large-scale, dynamic performances of contemporary music featuring the works of established and budding composers. Since its inception in 2011, ensemble mise-en has collaborated with such esteemed partners as Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, International Alliance for Women in Music, Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Open Meadows Foundation, New York University, New York Foundation for the Arts, I-Park, Goethe-Institute Boston, Villa Gillet (FR) and others. To date, the ensemble has presented a total of 281 pieces, including 114 works written for the group, and 86 US/NY premieres. The ensemble has performed at exciting venues such as (le) poisson rouge, Bohemian National Hall, Italian Academy, the DiMenna Center, Tenri Cultural Institute and the cell.
Read more: https://www.mise-en.org/

Ensemble mise-en [US]


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