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Maria W Horn [SE]

2020-10-16 @ 21:00 - 22:00

GAS YouTube Channel

Maria W Horn [SE]

2020-10-16 @ 21:00 - 22:00

GAS YouTube Channel

Firmly rooted in the drone tradition, Swedish composer and musician Maria W Horn is far from traditional when it comes to her musical output. Oscillating between sonic extremes, her music is simultaneously dark and cathartic as well as bright, shimmering and hopeful.

For the 2020 edition of the GAS Festival Maria W Horn presents music specifically composed for the acoustic properties of the former machine hall at Ställbergs Gruva in Bergslagen. Using a system of multilayered feedback loops Maria enhances the resonant frequencies inherent in the architecture of the vast concrete structure and utilizes them as a basis for structuring the harmonic material in the pieces presented at this concert. The resultant audio field has the characteristics of a double exposure – harmonic resonances drafted from the space itself are being superimposed on the space that formed them.

The area in which Ställbergs Gruva is situated has a long history of mining, placing it as one of the epicenters of Sweden’s rapid industrialisation in the first half of the 20th century. The closure of the mine in the eighties led to a massive decrease of population and neglect of social services in the area, and according to current statistics, the municipality will be the first in Sweden to reach complete de-population.

In contrast to the general development in the area the discontinued iron mine was re-opened in 2012 as a centre for cultural activities and critical thought by the organization The non existent Center. Since 2012 the mine has hosted several artists residencies, and Maria has been a recurring guest on the premises.

The music presented at GAS 2020 is the result of the work performed by Maria at the mine from 2018 to 2020. The performance was filmed in September 2020.

About Maria W Horn
Maria W Horn is a composer hailing from the north of Sweden, based in Stockholm since 2011. Maria W Horn is interested in the manipulation of time and space through sonic extremes – oscillating between minimalist structures and piercing power electronics utilizing both digital and analog synthesis as well as acoustic instruments and audiovisual components.

Her work examines aspects of human perception – how audiovisuality and overload/loss of perceptual stimuli can conspire to transcend everyday life and invoke alternate mental states. She is a part of Sthlm Drone Society – an association working to promote slow and gradually evolving timbral music, and co-operates the label XKatedral.

Notable performances and festival apperances include MUTEK Mexico City, Insomnia Festival Tromsø, Stanford Live, CTM Festival Berlin, Madeira Digital, LOST Festival Parma at Labirinto Della Masone (Ulver, Sunn O))) etc.), MUTEK Montreal, Counterpulse San Francisco, Euphonic festival Barcelona, Flussi Festival Avellino, Tresor Berlin, Lumen Sweden.

The concert is a pre-recorded performance that will be streamed as part of the GAS 2020 digital program, available at our YouTube channel. The stream will also feature an interview with Maria done by Andreas Lindahl.

Read more: http://www.mariahorn.se/


GAS YouTube Channel