Collaboration with Göteborg International Organ Festival

Collaboration with Göteborg International Organ Festival

Throughout the years, the very foundation of the festival has always revolved around collaborations. Because it is through these collaborations that we get the chance to meet new audiences and to get new artistic impulses into the festival program. This year’s edition of the festival is no exception, so here we’d like to highlight our extensive collaboration with Göteborg International Organ Festival. Ranging from musical meetings between bagpipes and organ, interpretation of a movie, the premiere of a brand new piece of music and a the mighty sound of when the organ meets the symphonic orchestra, these concerts will be nothing but magical!

The following concerts are all presented in collaboration with the Göteborg International Organ Festival.


Sonneurs & Hampus Lindwall (FR/SE)
Vasakyrkan at 17:00

The French bagpipe quartet Sonneurs led by Erwan Keravec with instruments from the Breton pipe tradition, and Hampus Lindwall, organ, perform contemporary music.
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Hampus Lindwall interprets Minor Daemon (SE)
Göteborgs Konserthus at 22:00

For this concert Hannes Lindwall presents an organ improvisation to the film Minor Daemon (2021) by Jon Rafman (CA), exploring the complete soundscape of the new Rieger organ at Göteborgs Konserthus.
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Hans-Ola Ericsson & Hampus Lindwall (SE)
Örgryta nya kyrka at 18:00

A concert of contemporary music and improvisations on the world’s largest meantone organ. 
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GAS Talks – New Currents in Contemporary Organ Music
Högskolan för Scen och Music

Welcome to a lecture recital by Hampus Lindwall.
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2022-10-19 & 2022-10-20

Göteborgs Symfoniker – The Mighty Sound of Organ and Orchestra (SE)
Göteborgs Konserthus at 19:30 both days

Experience the sounds of the magnificent concert hall organ with Göteborgs Symfoniker, conductor Christoph Eschenbach and organist Christian Schmitt.
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Gageego! (SE)
Göteborgs Konserthus at 22:00

Enter into a nocturnal world of sounds as chamber ensemble Gageego! explore the possibilities of both the organ and the ensemble in the magnificent acoustics of the concert hall.
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