Alexandra Nilsson (SE)

Alexandra Nilsson (SE)

Concert with Alexandra Nilsson (SE) from Gathenhielmska Huset on October 20, 2022. Filmed by Magnus Bergström and Josefin Stacy, edited by Magnus Bergström.

About Alexandra Nilsson

FOSSIL is composer and performer Alexandra Nilsson’s project based on stone. She researches the material both acoustically, sculpturally and performatively and is also interested in stone in a cultural and historical context. Alexandra Nilsson´s work stretches across acoustic and electroacoustic music, sound art, noise and performative practices. At EME 2022 she premiered a brand new live-set with limestone, sandstone and electronics.



The concert was part of Experimental Music Expo and presented in collaboration with Higab.

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Emma Axberg is a project manager and producer, with a special interest in cross-artistic and international cultural projects. She loves to explore different expressions of improvised performance art and has engaged in a number of constellations as playwright, director and actor. She is working as producer and communicator for GAS-festival.