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The festival week ahead

The festival is officially on!
During the past weekend we’ve been able to enjoy the Gothenburg Symphony being remixed by Norwegian artists Rakel Nystabakk and Eirik Ask, the mind blowing music collective Siwan who brought us on a beautiful musical journey and American ensemble Dog Star Orchestra who gave us the most delicate microtonal minimalism. Göteborg Sounds was a tour de force of contemporary music, noise, improvisation and wind music at Kronhuset in Gothenburg. And to round off the weekend, electro-acoustic titan Carl Michael von Hausswolff did a mind-bending set at 3:e Våningen and contemporary ensemble Gageego! dove head first into spectral exploratory music at Stenhammarsalen. But we still have a full-on festival week ahead of us. Have a look at the program below!

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